We offer 3 different types of services, according to the 3 different stages of your stay in Portugal.

Integration services

Do you intend to come to Portugal or are you already here but still have a lot to do?
We have developed a package of welcome services, which will be adapted to each family according to their needs, and which will allow a better approach to the new life in Portugal. The pre-defined services will allow us to respond to the first needs of the new reality, namely in the support with obtaining legal documents, contracting essential services, integration in the living area, help in choosing schools, among others.


Do you want to remodel your new house and need technical support in drawing up the architectural project and supervising the work?
You live abroad and you need someone you can trust to look after your property or to intervene in case of need? we have a set of solutions ready to present to you.

Are you moving house?

As a rule, it is always a moment of great anxiety! But with our help everything will be simpler!


Addionally, we have prepared a set of packages and support in different areas, exclusive for Portugal EasyLife customers.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you! We’ll make your day-to-day life easier!